Mobile Payment with 3D Secure

Service Address

Request Parameters


Parameter Explanation
DealerCode(string) Dealer code issued by the Moka system
Username (string) Api username given by Moka system
Password (string) Api password given by Moka system
CheckKey (string) The control key (DealerCode + "MK" + Username + "PD" + Password) is created by passing this information, combined as a String, through the SHA-256 hash algorithm.
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Parameter Explanation
PaymentType (string) Bank Code (64 for İşbank)
Amount (decimal) Payment amount (Kurus part is written with a dot, Ex: 27.50)
Currency (string) Currency unit. Optional field, if not sent at all or empty, default is TL. Other values: USD, EUR, GBP
InstallmentNumber (integer) Number of Installments. It is an optional field, if it is not sent at all, if it is sent blank, if 0 or 1 is sent, it means Advance sale. A value between 2 and 9 must be sent for Installment.
ClientIP (string) It is the IP information of the computer running the application (desktop/web) from which the card number is obtained.
RedirectURL (string) As a result of the 3D transaction, the dealer web page where the successful or unsuccessful transaction result is returned and the user is directed. While giving this URL, if you write your own transaction ID as a parameter at the end, you will be able to determine the result of your transaction. Example:
RedirectType (integer) It is an optional field. Its default value is 0 (zero). The result of the payment process redirects to the home page on the website that calls the service. If this service is called from the IFrame and the result is to be redirected to the IFrame, 1 must be entered in this field.
OtherTrxCode (string) You can submit your own Unique Transaction Code in this field for reconciliation. Required field. Note: You can learn the payment status by using this code while obtaining the dealer payment detail list.
IsPoolPayment (tinyint) Pool Payment? 0: No – The amount withdrawn from the card is credited to the account of the merchant the next day or later, according to the agreement between Moka and the merchant. 1: Yes – The money is withdrawn from the credit card but kept in the pool. The merchant will approve the payment after the customer receives the service or product, and the payment for this transaction will be reflected on the member's statement after approval. Until the merchant approves the pool payment, this payment is not included in the statement. This field must be 1 to send a payment in the pool system.
IntegratorId (tinyint) ID of the System Integrator Company that integrates Moka into ready-made E-Commerce packages (optional) – (If you are not an integrator company, do not send this field!)
Software (string) The name of the E-Commerce package or software that you call this service integrated with the Moka payment system. (Max 30 characters)
SubMerchantName (string) Name you want to appear on statement (optional) – Mokaya must be notified in advance
Description (string) Description field (optional). If you want to write a description about the payment, it can be written in this field. (Up to 200 characters can be written.)
BuyerInformation (Array)(optional) These are the fields related to the customer who buys products and/or services from the member business. Although it is not mandatory to send these fields, sharing them with Moka is in the interest of both the member workplace and Moka in case of future payment related problems.

BuyerFullName (string) Optional field. Name and surname of the recipient.
BuyerEmail (string) Optional field. Recipient's e-mail address.
BuyerGsmNumber (string) Optional field. It is the mobile phone number of the recipient. It must be entered as 10 digits, without spaces.
BuyerAddress (string) Optional field. It is the address of the recipient.

Sample Request (JSON)

         "BuyerAddress":"Tasdelen / Çekmeköy"

Successful Request Result


Successful Result Example


Failed Request Result

PaymentDealer.DoDirectPayment3dMobileRequest.IpAddressNotAllowedThe merchant does not have permission to make transactions with the IP address sent.
PaymentDealer.DoDirectPayment3dMobileRequest.VirtualPosCommissionRateNotFoundThe commission rate of the virtual pos is not defined.
PaymentDealer.DoDirectPayment3dMobileRequest.VirtualPosNotAvailableVirtual POS could not be selected for this operation.
PaymentDealer.DoDirectPayment3dMobileRequest.InstallmentNotAvailableForForeignCurrencyTransaction No installment transactions can be made with foreign currencies.
PaymentDealer.DoDirectPayment3dMobileRequest.ForeignCurrencyNotAvailableForThisDealerThis member business is not authorized to take transactions in foreign currency.
PaymentDealer.DoDirectPayment3dMobileRequest.PoolPaymentNotAvailableForDealer This merchant is not authorized to receive pooled payment transactions.
PaymentDealer.DoDirectPayment3dMobileRequest.PoolPaymentRequiredForDealerIt is obligatory for this member business to make transactions with pooled payment.
PaymentDealer.DoDirectPayment3dMobileRequest.ChannelPermissionNotAvailableThe merchant has no authority for the payment channel through which the transaction takes place.
PaymentDealer.DoDirectPayment3dMobileRequest.InvalidInstallmentNumberInvalid number of installments
PaymentDealer.DoDirectPayment3dMobileRequest.NoAllowedToUseThisWebServiceThe member business is not authorized to use this service.
PaymentDealer.DoDirectPayment3dMobileRequest.AmountRequiredThe Amount field must be submitted.
PaymentDealer.DoDirectPayment3dMobileRequest.OtherTrxCodeRequiredThe OtherTrxCode field must be sent.
PaymentDealer.DoDirectPayment3dMobileRequest.RedirectUrlRequiredThe RedirecUrl field is required to be sent.
PaymentDealer.DoDirectPayment3dMobileRequest.PaymentTypeRequiredThe PaymentType field is required to be submitted.
PaymentDealer.DoDirectPayment3dMobileRequest.InvalidPaymentTypeInvalid bank code
PaymentDealer.DoDirectPayment3dMobileRequest.InvalidCurrencyCodeInvalid currency
PaymentDealer.DoDirectPayment3dMobileRequest.AgreementDateNotFoundThere is no contract record of the member workplace.
PaymentDealer.DoDirectPayment3dMobileRequest.RedirectUrlCannotContainOtherTrxCodeThe RedirectUrl field must contain OtherTrxCode.
EX An unexpected error has occurred

Example of Failed Result


3D Secure Mobile Transaction Flow


Payment Transaction Error Codes (Errors Received from Bank)

000General Error
001Cardholder Confirmation Failed
002Insufficient Limit
003Credit Card Number Not in Valid Format
004General Disclaimer
005Transaction Not Open to Card Holder
006Card Expiry Date Incorrect
007Invalid Transaction
008Unable to Connect to Bank
009Undefined Error Code
010Bank SSL Error
011Call the Bank for Manual Approval
012Card Information Incorrect - Card Number or CVV2
013 Cards Except Visa MC Do Not Support 3D Secure
014Invalid Account Number
015Invalid CVV
016 No Approval Mechanism Available
017System failure
018Stolen Card
019Lost Card
020Restricted Card
021Time out
022Invalid Workplace
023Fake Confirmation
0243D Approval Received But Money Couldn't Be Withdrawn From Card
0253D Confirmation Error
026 Card Holder is Not a Bank or Card 3D-Secure Member