Error Codes

Error code Explanation
000General Error
001Cardholder Confirmation Failed
002Insufficient Limit
003Credit Card Number Not in Valid Format
004General Disclaimer
005Transaction Not Open to Card Holder
006Card Expiry Date Incorrect
007Invalid Transaction
008Unable to Connect to Bank
009Undefined Error Code
010Bank SSL Error
011Call the Bank for Manual Approval
012Card Information Incorrect - Card Number or CVV2
013Cards Except Visa MC Do Not Support 3D Secure
014Invalid Account Number
015Invalid CVV
016No Approval Mechanism Available
017System failure
018Stolen Card
019Lost Card
020Restricted Card
021Time out
022Invalid Workplace
023Fake Confirmation
0243D Approval Received But Money Couldn't Be Withdrawn From Card
0253D Confirmation Error
026Card Holder is Not a Bank or Card 3D-Secure Member
027The User Is Not Authorized To Take This Action
028Fraud Probability
029Your card is closed to e-commerce transactions