Payment Update

Service Address

Request Parameters


Parameter Explanation
DealerCode(string) Dealer code issued by the Moka system
Username (string) Api username given by Moka system
Password (string) Api password given by Moka system
CheckKey (string) The control key (DealerCode + "MK" + Username + "PD" + Password) is created by passing this information, combined as a String, through the SHA-256 hash algorithm.
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Parameter Explanation
DealerPaymentId (integer) (optional) It is the Payment ID generated as a result of the withdrawal attempt.
OtherTrxCode (string) (optional) You can submit your own Unique Transaction Code in this field for reconciliation. Note: You can find out the payment status by using this code while getting the dealer payment detail list.
VirtualPosOrderId (string) It is the transaction number information returned as a result of the payment transaction. It is the number returned with the name trxCode in 3D payments.
Key: trxCode     Value : ORDER-17131QQFG04026575
Software (string) The name of the e-commerce package or software that you call this service integrated with the Moka payment system. (Max 30 characters)
Description (string) Description field. If you want to write a description about the payment, it can be written in this field. (Up to 200 characters can be written.)
BuyerInformation (Array)(optional) These are the fields related to the customer who buys a product/service from our dealer. Although it is not mandatory to send these fields, sharing them with Moka is in the interests of both our dealer and Moka in case of future payment related problems.

BuyerFullName (string) Optional field. Name and surname of the recipient.
BuyerEmail (string) Optional field. Recipient's e-mail address.
BuyerGsmNumber (string) Optional field. It is the mobile phone number of the recipient. It must be entered as 10 digits, without spaces.
BuyerAddress (string) Optional field. It is the address of the recipient.

Sample Request (JSON)

         "BuyerAddress":"Tasdelen / Çekmeköy"

Successful Request Result

Successful Result Example


Failed Request Result

PaymentDealer.UpdateDealerPayment.InvalidRequestThe CheckKey may be bad, or the object may be bad, or the JSON may be corrupt.
PaymentDealer.CheckPaymentDealerAuthentication.InvalidRequestNo such dealer was found, Dealer code, dealer username and/or password were entered incorrectly.
PaymentDealer.UpdateDealerPayment.ChannelPermissionNotAvailableThe reseller is not authorized to send a payment request.
PaymentDealer.UpdateDealerPayment.IpAddressNotAllowedThe IPs that the dealer can access are restricted.
PaymentDealer.UpdateDealerPayment.MustNeedDealerPaymentIdOrOtherTrxCodeOrVirtualPosOrderIdDealerPaymentId or OtherTrxCode or VirtualPosOrderId must be defined for the dealer.
PaymentDealer.UpdateDealerPayment.CannotFoundPaymentNo such payment was found.
PaymentDealer.UpdateDealerPayment.DealerCommissionRateNotFoundThe dealer commission rate determined for the dealer could not be found.
PaymentDealer.UpdateDealerPayment.DealerGroupCommissionRateNotFoundThe dealer group commission rate determined for the dealer could not be found.
PaymentDealer.Fields.InvalidSoftwareLengthInvalid software name length
PaymentDealer.Fields.InvalidDescriptionLengthInvalid description length
PaymentDealer.Fields.InvalidBuyerFullNameLengthInvalid FullName length
PaymentDealer.Fields.InvalidBuyerGsmNumberLengthInvalid number length
PaymentDealer.Fields.InvalidBuyerAddressLengthInvalid address length
EX An unexpected error has occurred

Example of Failed Result

   "ResultCode":"PaymentDealer.UpdateDealerPayment.DealerGroupCommissionRateNotFound ",