Payment Void

Cancellation of payment up to 22:00 on the same day

Service Address

Request Parameters


Parameter Explanation
DealerCode(string) Dealer code issued by the Moka system
Username (string) Api username given by Moka system
Password (string) Api password given by Moka system
CheckKey (string) The control key (DealerCode + "MK" + Username + "PD" + Password) is created by passing this information, combined as a String, through the SHA-256 hash algorithm.
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Parameter Explanation
VirtualPosOrderId (string) It is the transaction number information returned as a result of the payment transaction. It is the number returned with the name trxCode in 3D payments.
Key: trxCode     Value : ORDER-17131QQFG04026575
ClientIP (string) IP information of the computer running the application (desktop/web) from which the card number is obtained
VoidRefundReason (integer) Reason for Cancellation (For external cancellations, the value must be 2)

Sample Request (JSON)


Successful Request Result

Successful Result Example

	"Data": {
		"IsSuccessful": true,
		"ResultCode": "00",
		"ResultMessage": ""
	"ResultCode": "Success",
	"ResultMessage": "",
	"Exception": null

Failed Request Result

PaymentDealer.CheckPaymentDealerAuthentication.InvalidRequestThe CheckKey may be bad, or the object may be bad, or the JSON may be corrupt.
PaymentDealer.CheckPaymentDealerAuthentication.InvalidAccountNo such dealer was found.
PaymentDealer.CheckPaymentDealerAuthentication.VirtualPosNotFoundThere is no virtual pos definition for this dealer
PaymentDealer.DoVoid.PaymentNotFound No payment found to cancel.
EX An unexpected error has occurred

Example of Failed Result

	"Data": null,
	"ResultCode": "PaymentDealer.CheckPaymentDealerAuthentication.InvalidAccount ",
	"ResultMessage": "",
	"Exception": null