Get Accounting List

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Request Parameters


Parameter Explanation
DealerCode(string) Dealer code issued by the Moka system
Username (string) Api username given by Moka system
Password (string) Api password given by Moka system
CheckKey (string) The control key (DealerCode + "MK" + Username + "PD" + Password) is created by passing this information, combined as a String, through the SHA-256 hash algorithm.
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Parameter Explanation
TransferStartDate (datetime) Transfer start date and time (yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm) (required)
TransferEndDate (datetime) End date and time of transfer (yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm) (required)
CurrencyCode (string) Currency unit. Optional field, if not sent at all or sent blank, all currencies are shown. Other values: USD, EUR, GBP
SubDealerId (integer) Sub-dealer Id. The top dealer should use this field when he wants to see the amount to be deposited with the lower dealer. If you are not a top dealer, do not submit this field or send it blank.


Parameter Explanation
AccountingList (Array)

DealerAccountingId (integer)Dealer Accounting Id.
CurrencyCode (string)Currency unit.
TransferDate (datetime)The day the payment is made to the dealer.
SalesCount (integer)Number of successful sales transactions.
SalesTotal (decimal)The total amount of successful sales transactions.
SalesCommissionTotal (decimal)Total commission of sales transactions.
RefundCount (integer)The number of successful returns
RefundTotal (decimal)The total amount of successful returns.
RefundCommissionTotal (decimal)Total commission of returns transactions.
BlockedCount (integer)Number of blocks added to the dealer.
BlockedAmount (decimal)Block amount added to the dealer.
UnBlockedCount (integer)The number of unlocked blocks from the dealer.
UnBlockedAmount (decimal)The total amount of the blocks cleared from the dealer.
ChargebackCount (integer)Number of objections sent from the bank.
ChargebackAmount (decimal)Total amount of objections sent from the bank.
ChargebackCancelCount (integer)The number of cancellations of objections sent from the bank.
ChargebackCancelAmount (decimal)Cancellation amount of objections sent from the bank.
DepositAmount (decimal)Deposit amount.
DepositCount (integer)Number of deposits.
OperationFeeCount (integer)Total number of operational fees.
OperationFeeAmount (decimal)Total amount of operational fees.
OperationFeeCanceledCount (integer)Total number of refunds of operational fees.
OperationFeeCanceledAmount (decimal)Total amount of refunds of operational fees.
RefundRequestCount (integer)The number of return requests from the dealer.
RefundRequestAmount (decimal)The total amount of return requests from the dealer.
TransferCost (decimal)EFT transaction fee.
TransferredAmount (decimal)The total amount to be deposited at the dealer.
StatementList (string)Statement list of the relevant accounting record.

Sample Request (JSON)


Successful Request Result

Successful Result Example


Failed Request Result

DealerAccounting.GetAccountingList.InvalidDateTimeFormatThe date time format is invalid.
DealerAccounting.GetAccountingList.NoMoreThanThirtyOneDaysIt should not be more than 31 days.
DealerAccounting.GetAccountingList.InvalidDateRangeThe date range is invalid.
DealerAccounting.GetAccountingList.InvalidCurrencyCodeThe currency is incorrect. (Must be in the form of TL, USD, EUR)
DealerAccounting.GetAccountingList.InvalidSubDealerIdSub-dealer id is invalid.
DealerAccounting.GetAccountingList.MissingRequestMissing request.
DealerAccounting.GetAccountingList.InvalidRequestThe CheckKey may be bad, or the object may be bad, or the JSON may be corrupt.
DealerAccounting.GetAccountingList.InvalidAccountNo such dealer was found.
EX An unexpected error has occurred

Example of Failed Result