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What Is It Used For?

Request Parameters


Parameter Explanation
DealerCode(string) Dealer code issued by the Moka system
Username (string) Api username given by Moka system
Password (string) Api password given by Moka system
CheckKey (string) The control key (DealerCode + "MK" + Username + "PD" + Password) is created by passing this information, combined as a String, through the SHA-256 hash algorithm.
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Parameter Explanation
TrxStartDate Date and time the transaction started (yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm)
TrxEndDate The date and time the transaction ended (yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm)
TrxType (integer) Indicates what type of transaction the transaction is. The status of the main payment record depends on the type of transaction and whether it was successful or not.
0 : Payment Request
1 : Pre-Provision
2 : Payment
3 : Cancellation
4 : Full Refund
Optional field, all TrxTypes will be listed if sent blank or not sent at all.
TrxStatus (integer) Shows the result of the operation performed.
0 : Pending transaction
1 : Successful operation
2 : Failed operation
It is optional field, all TrxStatus will be listed if sent blank or not sent at all.

Sample Request (JSON)

      "TrxStartDate":"2020-07-12 09:00",
      "TrxEndDate":"2020-08-12 09:00",

Successful Request Result

The Payment master record statuses returned in the PaymentTrxList Array are as follows;

PaymentStatus PaymentTrxStatus Explanation
0 - Standby 0 - Standby Awaiting payment confirmation
1 - Pre-Provision 1 - Successful Pre-Provision successful
1 - Pre-Provision 2 - Failed Pre-Provision failed
2 - Payment 1 - Successful Payment successful
2 - Payment 2 - Failed Payment failed
3 - Cancel 1 - Successful Cancellation successful
4 - Full Refund 1 - Successful Return successful

Again, the Payment transaction statuses returned in the same PaymentTrxList Array are as follows;

TrxType TrxStatus Explanation
1 1 Pre-Provision successful
1 2 Pre-Provision failed
2 1 Payment successful
2 2 Payment failed
3 1 Cancellation successful
3 2 Cancel failed
4 1 Return successful
4 2 Return failed

The meanings of the Master Payment registration information returned with this service are explained in our (GetPaymentList) service above.
Transaction registration information returned with this service is information starting with DealerPaymentTrxId .
The meanings of this information are explained in detail in our (GetDealerPaymentTrxDetailList) service below.

Successful Result Example


Failed Request Result

PaymentDealer.CheckPaymentDealerAuthentication.InvalidRequestThe CheckKey may be bad, or the object may be bad, or the JSON may be corrupt.
PaymentDealer.CheckPaymentDealerAuthentication.InvalidAccountNo such dealer was found.
PaymentDealer.GetPaymentTrxList.InvalidDateTimeFormatThe date format should be "yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm".
PaymentDealer.GetPaymentTrxList.ListItemCountLimitExceededA request with more than 500 records will fail.
PaymentDealer.GetPaymentTrxList.InvalidTrxTypeInvalid TrxType value entered.
PaymentDealer.GetPaymentTrxList.InvalidTrxStatusInvalid TrxStatus value entered.
EXAn unexpected error has occurred

Example of Failed Result

	"Data": null,
	"ResultCode": "PaymentDealer.CheckPaymentDealerAuthentication.InvalidAccount ",
	"ResultMessage": "",
	"Exception": null